Mike Rocco

Community manager crash course

Mike Rocco, Hulu

Rich Copp

A Digital Transformation: Intranet Replacement

Rich Copp, Partners HealthCare

Matthew Radford

Revisiting your digital workplace to drive engagement

Matthew Radford, OMA

Jeff Leatherwood

A blueprint for architecting your digital workplace

Jeff Leatherwood, Ford Foundation

Debbie Kwan

Expanding your audience

Debbie Kwan, CPAC

Rich Bennett

Good governance in the digital workplace: why it’s critical

Rich Bennett, Cartwright International


Sorena Tiba
Alex Morun

The art of the possible

Sorena Tiba & Alex Morun, Igloo Software

Raphael Crawford-Marks
Emily Ciavolino

Reimagining the employee lifecycle

Raphael & Emily, Bonusly

Sean Duffy
Jean Le

Better together: integrations

Sean Duffy & Jean Le, Igloo Software

Shaun Amoyette
Sean Duffy

The power of analytics

Shaun Amyotte & Sean Duffy, Igloo Software

Stephen Rahal

Creating a knowledge sharing culture

Stephen Rahal, Igloo Software

Sorena Tiba
Sean Duffy

The guiding principles of information architecture

Sean Duffy & Sorena Tiba, Igloo Software


Shel Holtz

Telling the story: commnication best practices

Shel Holtz, Holtz Communication & Technology

Sorena Tiba
Diana May

Deploying with purpose: using solutions to increase produ…

Sorena Tiba + Diana May, Igloo Software

Ted Schadler

Defining the digital workplace and what’s ahead

Ted Schadler, Forrester

Caitlin MacGregor

Measuring and building a culture of innovation

Caitlin MacGregor, Plum

Connor Shank
Nate Symre

Reinventing productivity for the digital transformation

Connor & Nate, Microsoft

Yvette Nanasi
Mark Stevenson

The RO-Why of the new digital workplace

Yvette Nanasi & Mark Stevenson, Igloo Software